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These wines are all made the way wine was made 100 years ago: no added nothing – completely organically farmed, meaning no chemicals were used in their making. But in addition, nothing was added to the actual fermentation—no added oak, or anything else that is usually added to wine or wine casks. In the end, the responses to this wine (based on five “very knowledgeable” –i.e. frequent wine drinkers of variable ages and nationalities-- that means, a good sampling of completely unsophisticated writers and drinkers who are trying to represent the YOU in wines) were somewhat divergent. So, while our palletes may not represent WINE CONSCIOUSOUR, we are able to tell you that these wines have NOTHING BAD in them—from the actual growing of the wines to the fermenting of the grapes. So here they are, the great, the good, the bad, the stinky, our first selection of purely organic, only natural wines.
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