Chocolate of the Gods Mousse with Raspberries and Mint

Chocolate of the Gods Mousse with Raspberries and Mint

Imagine a world where decadent chocolate mousse has real value, grows beautiful skin and hair, and is actually good for you! Welcome to the rest of your life. This recipe has evolved with me over the years to become a signature dish. I made it in the movie Go Further with Woody Harrelson, and the Web site for the film got more hits inquiring about the chocolate mousse made from avocado than anything else. Cheers to the adventurous spirit! Just a touch of balsamic vinegar and shoyu (soy sauce) may sound as unusual as a coupling with chocolate and avocados, but both draw out the subtle complexity of good chocolate. The coconut butter is optional, but it makes the mousse truly velvety smooth, with incredible, beautifying properties. I recommend Omega Nutrition coconut butter as it does not have a coconut aroma, which imposes on the balance of flavor. By the way, put this mousse in an ice cream maker and it is insane.
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